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Building your board for investment



Can your business survive and grow without you? Having a strong senior leadership team will convince investors that it can and will. 

Members who have gone through the process of securing equity investment often highlight the importance of a good FD or CFO in presenting a strong set of accounts and a growth plan to justify a higher valuation. A great chairman or NED can help you find the right investor and advise on how to best deploy the investment.  

Successfully building a senior management team is a major building block to scale and a key barrier to overcome. A trusted, motivated, and focused senior team not only accelerates scale but also instills confidence in potential buyers or investors.

How do you know what skills you need, and how do you build a high performing senior team? Do you develop from within, or recruit from outside? Members have used coaches, advisors, and non-execs to help them with their senior talent strategies, but how do you motivate and incentivise them to perform (and stay loyal)?

This Roundtable will explore:

  • How to build a senior team around your culture and vision
  • The role of coaching and training in developing senior teams
  • Understanding the dysfunctions of a senior team and how to manage them
  • How to motivate and incentivise senior managers
  • Investor expectations of a senior team and what to expect from non-execs
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Wednesday 10 April, 2019 6.30pm