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Build your sales engine with Nicola Cook

Sales and Marketing

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Join best selling author of 'The Secrets of Success in Selling' Nicola Cook, as she leads this worskshop on how to industrialise your sales process.

Are you struggling to build scale in your sales operation? Are you experiencing organic fast revenue growth at the expense of margin protection? Do you struggle to deliver a consistent customer experience? Perhaps you're frustrated with flat sales growth and profit results. 
Join Nicola Cook as she explores how to:
  • Understand the gaps and actions needed to build a scalable, multi-channel, multi-territory Sales Engine 
  • Build an effect and profitable sales team using Role Defining Competencies
  • Refine and then embed your vision, visually and linguistically so everyone takes ownership for the business journey ahead
  • Truly understand your Target Client Avatar and how to communicate it effectively to your team
  • Avoid any future ‘bad sales hires’
  • Leave with a clearly defined road map for the next stage of your sales acceleration


About Nicola Cook

Nicola is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Managers and featured on Smith & Williamson Power 100 list, which celebrates the top 100 individuals who help shape policy, champion, mentor, support and promote entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the UK.


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£145 Supper Club Members only
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Thursday 23 January, 2020 2.30pm

Central London TBC