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Build your personal brand- with Linzi Boyd

Sales and Marketing,Personal Development

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Personal Brands create the human face of an organisation. It is becoming increasingly important because the modern customer trusts people more than the corporate brand. But how to turn your profile into an asset?

Why should this be of interest?

Businesses need a way to compensate for this lack of trust by creating Personal Brands within the organisation, where customers can then connect with the human face of the organisation.

The beauty of today’s digital world is that by bringing the BRAND conversation internally into the business and taking the CULTURE conversation externally through your networks, this creates what we describe as: BRAND CULTURE - to engage the customer journey and provide REALNESS to the brand and its people. 

Personal brand plays an important role in defining internal Brand Culture. It helps create an emotional value system that can be shared throughout the business. Building a legacy beyond fame, a purpose beyond profit.


What will you gain, learn, explore, and create?

  • Learn how to build a famous brand in today’s market
  • align your Personal Brand with the Business Brand to create the human face of the organisation. 
  • Build your brand, grow your business, impact your industry. 
  • Come and join the quiet revolution and make a positive shift in the world.


Who will be delivering the session?

Visionary leader, Linzi Boyd, is the woman known for building famous brands and speaking on the world stage about global trends. She is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker and Founder of Business of Brand. By age 24 Linzi had set up and sold two businesses. Her second company was sold to Caterpillar and her third business, Surgery, championed some of the most well- respected brands known today.

Linzi now works in the enterprise market, teaching entrepreneurs how to build a famous brand for bigger valuation and scale to impact in the world, changing the way modern business operates and creating the face of the modern world.

Please arrive at 8:30am for registration

8:30am – Arrival

9:00am –Begin working through the areas listed above

12.30pm – Presentation ends for Q&A with the guest

1:00pm – Workshop comes to a close


Non-members: £195 +VAT

Supper Club Members only: £125 +VAT (Discounted rate)

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Thursday 31 October, 2019 9am

The Office Group, White Collar Factory 1 Old Street EC1Y 8AF