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Build your Brand, Grow your Business, Shift your Industry, with Linzi Boyd

Sales and Marketing


Why should this be of interest?

This workshop was specifically created to help attendees understand the concept and importance of brand, the full end-to-end of the revenue system and your entire business strategy. 

The workshop will include an introduction and background to the brand world, a focus on what does growth mean to you and to your business and future-mapping to observe the pattern and trends to understand how your industry is shifting and which impact this will have.

What will you gain, learn, explore, and create?

  • A look at the industry, and how to future forecast the business landscape to take market share
  • The changes you can make in your business today to improve profitability
  • The things you can plan for tomorrow that could impact strategic growth

Who will deliver this session?

A serial entrepreneur, international speaker, Global Author and Founder of BoB Group. By age 24 Linzi had set up and sold two businesses. Her second company was sold to Caterpillar and her third business, Surgery, championed some of the most well- respected brands known today. Linzi co-Founded the BoB Group with Darren Shirlaw, working alongside him and acting as an ambassador in the enterprise market, teaching entrepreneurs how to design, build and activate a brand-led growth plan for bigger valuation and scale, creating the face of modern business.

Please arrive at 8:30am for registration

8:30am – Arrival

9:00am –Begin working through the areas listed above

12:30pm – Presentation ends for Q&A with the guest

1:00pm – Workshop comes to a close


Non-members: £150 +VAT

Supper Club Members only: £95 +VAT (Discounted rate)

To get the most out of our sessions why not purchase a bundle of tickets to use at any time over the next 12 months, these can be used by you or your team members:

  • 10 tickets - £750 + VAT
  • 25 tickets – £1750 + VAT 
  • 50 tickets - £3000 + VAT

If you are interested in purchasing your bundle or would like more information get in touch at: getintouch@thesupperclub.com


£150 Non-members
£95 Members (discounted rate)
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Thursday 31 January, 2019 9am

Central London TBC