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Being an exceptional manager to enhance performance in sales, with Rita Chowdhry

Growth,Sales and Marketing


Learn how to understand people’s behavioural styles and how they can impact on increased sales, performance and engagement through communication techniques.

During this workshop find out how you can use the DISC tool to help you understand the personality styles of your sales team and your customers. The benefits of using DISC assessments to increase revenue include:

  • Insight about your sales staff, their strengths and where improvements could be made
  • A better understanding of the best methods to sell to people of different personality types
  • Improve abilities to design and market products or services
  • Improve team members’ self-awareness
  • Improve team dynamics and communication
  • Cultivate a culture of employee engagement
  • Connect with customers in a unique and meaningful way.

Who will be delivering this workshop:

Rita Chowdry is the Managing Director and founder of Savran Limited, an award-winning coaching and consulting company that works with individuals and corporates to get the best out of their people and increase sales results. Rita has worked with multi-national companies to SMEs and does a lot of work to take leaders and teams on a journey of accelerating performance by using a unique blend of coaching, profiling and training. 

Savran received an International Coaching Award from the Coaching Academy, and Rita won the Best Businesswoman Award for Best Coach in October 2016, was shortlisted for the Toast of Surrey 2017 Business Awards and most recently was shortlisted for Most Inspirational Businesswoman and the Best Business for the Best Businesswomen Awards. 

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Thursday 13 June, 2019 9am

The Office Group Albert House 256-260 Old Street London EC1V 9DD