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Be The Best Director You Can Be: You And The Strategy

Growth,Leadership,Personal Development

This workshop is exclusively for those who report directly to the entrepreneur and have Director responsibilities to run and grow the business. Whether you’re already an Director or you aspire to be one, this workshop will help you become the best you can be.

Would you achieve more if you improved your working relationship with the entrepreneur? Are you missing information or skills that are holding you back? In this workshop, you will work through tools to identify gaps in your knowledge and how to get what you need. You will have very clear actions to help you step up and take more control over the growth of the business.

We will explore your impact on the growth of the business, your relationship with the entrepreneur and how to think more strategically and more like an entrepreneur. This half-day workshop will help you step up as a more effective director to enable your entrepreneur to take a step back. It will include:

  • Identifying flaws in the relationship with your entrepreneur and how to transform it
  • Putting together a business plan that you and your team can control
  • Creating and landing Vision and Values so clearly that they actually have an impact
  • Looking at your role and how you will influence strategy and maximise valuation
  • How to apply these tools and tactics in your business

This a highly collaborative and interactive workshop, where everyone is encouraged to be open and honest when sharing their knowledge and experience in group sessions. We want this deliver lasting impact, for you and your business, so we’ll ask you to share your actions and we’ll follow up in three months to see how you’re getting on.

£350 Non-members
£295 Members (discounted rate)
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Wednesday 04 December, 2019 9am

Central London TBC