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Articulating your vision and values

Foundation Event,Strategy and Process

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As the business founder or CEO it's likely you have a clear idea of your company's values and vision, but do your team?

You want your team to live and breathe your company's values, to work with undiluted focus towards your vision and to share a collective mission. But productivity and engagement don't always match up to this ideal. Why? It could be that your purpose is unclear or you're not sharing the vision in a engaging way.

A clear, inspiring mission, value and vision should be at the heart of your company culture. It can help you to:

  • Recruit great talent that 'get' your business
  • Inspire and motivate your team
  • Make clear decisions based on your vision 
  • Inform your customer what you stand for and connect with your brand
Whether you haven't had the chance to cement your values and vision before, or you think they need a refresh, this workshop will help steer your path.
You will leave this workshop with clear actions that will allow you to establish/refresh your vision and values. As well as a strategy for how to engage your team.
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Thursday 28 May, 2020 2.30pm
Wednesday 03 June, 2020 5.30pm