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The Team

We are passionate about enterprise, what we do, and share the vision and vales of our community. Our team is always available for questions and suggestions, so please get in touch.

Duncan Cheatle

Founder & Chairman


I have travelled extensively over the years. After University I qualified as an accountant at PwC doing a stint in Dubai and working in M&A, before leaving to become FD for a VC-backed publisher. Finally, I set out on my own in 2000 and have never looked back…Now I’m turning my hand to tech with Learn Amp - to change the way learning is delivered in the workplace and beyond.

Likes: Travel, skiing, tennis and dining out.

Dislikes: Naysayers.

Interesting fact: I am a failed cowboy – outback of Brazil in 1986 (long before the internet and mobile phones).

Speak to me about: Learning and development of teams, future of education, enterprise generally.

EJ Packe

Managing Director


After studying Geography at University I embarked on a career in media sales (obvious direction!), which led to me building teams in London and Amsterdam. On my return to the UK, I consulted on a start up at pre-revenue stage which sparked my interest in enterprise. I was introduced to The Supper Club by my former MD (a Supper Club member) and the rest is history!

Likes: Exotic holiday locations and food…yet to find anything I don’t like!

Dislikes: Grumpy and negative people. Rain.

Interesting fact: I have represented my country in a sport.

Speak to me about: Anything!

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Alex Evans

Programme Director


After a decade producing industry leading titles and events for sectors as diverse as insurance, healthcare IT and property investment, I joined the National Business Awards. This perfectly combined my passions for networking, connecting and story-telling with rare insight and access to Britain's most successful leaders – from start-ups and SMEs to the FTSE 100. It’s great to be working with such an impressive community of entrepreneurs at The Supper Club.

Likes: Good wine, coffee and chocolate for my body and 6 Music for my soul.

Dislikes: Unfairness and Marmite.

Interesting fact: One of my grandads was a celebrity chef in the 70s.

Speak to me about: Recognition and thought leadership (and how to use it).

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Shilpa Wymer

Membership Director


I have 15 years’ experience starting and running businesses and I’ve probably been through most business challenges our members face! I was also a member of The Supper Club and got so much out of myself, so I’m delighted to now represent the Club.

Likes: Alps in the summer and winter, Mauritius and Barbados for heat!

Dislikes: Oysters.

Interesting Fact about me: I was born in Uganda and I went back there as an adult – oh and I also went Gorilla trekking whilst I was there!

Ask me about: Membership, business challenges and life!

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Victoria Nash

Membership Manager


After studying English Literature at University, I embarked on a year abroad completing a ski season in the Alps and a sailing season in Greece. From beaches to the bright lights of London, I started work at a luxury lifestyle management company before hearing about The Supper Club and knowing that I wanted to be part of the team.

Likes: Holidays, summer in London (excluding the tube) and a cold glass of Rose blush.

Dislikes: Winter.

Interesting fact: I'm an identical twin!

Speak to me about: Your membership and how you can get more from it!

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Alice Gardner

Membership Manager


After studying Business and Management at University, I moved to Australia to experience life Down Under. But after a while, the bright lights of London were calling and in 2015 I started my career at The Supper Club, and as they say, the rest is history!

Likes: Travelling, skiing, pizza & Dublin.

Dislikes: Oysters, unfairness & being late.

Interesting Fact: I have set foot in seven countries in one day. My ultimate goal is to travel the globe.

Speak to me about: The different types of membership available, and how to get the most from yours.

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Jane Wells

Membership Manager


After studying Drama at University I realised the stage was not for me. I have now lived in London for 6 years with experience of working in the charity sector and the corporate world. I am on to my next challenge at The Supper Club (January 2018) I thrive at meeting new people and learning about others and I’m super excited to start my next chapter.

Likes: Red wine, dancing and hugs.

Dislikes: Bananas and discrimination.

Interesting Fact: I nearly died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning after falling asleep on a pastry rolling machine.

Speak to me about: The different types of membership available, and how to get the most from yours.


Isobel Apter

Membership Manager


After completing a business management degree at Oxford Brookes, I spent 6 months in the Alps teaching skiing. I’ve had experience working in banking and interior design, before joining The Supper Club team in February 2018!

Likes: Skiing, travel and food.

Dislikes: Birds and traffic.

Interesting fact: My first job was teaching baby swim classes.

Ask Me About: The different types of membership available, and how to get the most from yours!

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Charlie Simon

PR Manager


Having studied Ancient History and Archaeology at Durham I naturally thought starting a career in financial PR was the logical next step! This gave me a strong grounding in developing compelling PR narratives with rather dry subject material. From there I moved into the more corporate and consumer facing world of PR and spent many years working closely with the likes of the NFL (American Football), De Beer, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, Monsoon, Naked Wines, and Tata Steel (I also spent 8 months living in Azerbaijan for a sport even - long story). I eventually joined a budding social media startup called Yubl to become their Head of PR, where I learnt a great deal about entrepreneurs, tech, VC funding, and life in a startup!

Likes: Marmite and Philadelphia on toast. Sci-fi movies!

Dislikes: Slow walkers and hot weather (winter is coming).

Interesting fact: I have climbed a 20,187ft mountain in India.

Speak to me about: PR and developing strong narratives for the media.

Parul Gupta

Digital Marketing Manager


For 26 years I grew up, studied, travelled, and worked in India. After working as an advertising copywriter, an overseas education consultant and a tutor, and also co-founding a social enterprise, I moved to England in 2009 and began a new life, and a new career in marketing! In 2016 I resigned to start the food business I’d been dreaming about since I was at University. After a successful but overwhelming couple of years I’ve decided to return to a marketing career and pursue my love for food as a hobby until a later time in life. The Supper Club is a great fit for my interest in entrepreneurship and digital!

Likes: Holidays, photography, good food, a good book! All together, even better. Also dogs and jigsaw puzzles (definitely not together).

Dislikes: Slackers...and crowded public transport!

Interesting fact: I've cooked in Angela Hartnett's kitchen at the London Food Month Night Market!

Ask me about: All things digital, all things food!


Leeanne Wright

Marketing Executive


After graduating from University with a combined BA hons in Graphic Design, Illustration and Media Theory in 2011, I started my career in Marketing and Media and have not looked back since. I have always been a creative and found Marketing to be my niche. I have been a Marketing Executive for many years now and worked with many high-profile brands. I joined The Supper Club team in January 2017 and the rest is history.

Likes: Holidays; Paris and anywhere hot, good food, movies, shopping and music.

Dislikes: Bad weather and travel disruptions.

Interesting fact: I attended Prince Philip’s 93rd birthday party at Buckingham Palace Royal Gardens.

Speak to me about: Marketing, Graphic Design, Email Communications and Branding.

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Sofie Olesen

Senior Events Executive


After studying business and hotel management at Hotelschool, The Hague, I worked in The States, and Qatar before moving to London. Prior to joining Prelude I worked in the hospitality industry, in guest relations, project management, and events.

Likes: The ocean and almost everything surrounding the ocean theme. I love wakeboarding, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, boat trips, and fresh seafood with a crisp glass of white wine with a beautiful view, and positive, inspiring people.

Dislikes: Dinners where everyone is on their phone, spiders (I’ve been bitten twice!).

Interesting fact: I have lived in 8 countries, and at home we always speak at least 2 different languages.

Ask me about: Anything you want, but work related I can help you with:
Event bookings for The Directors Club, Speaker Boutique, and Growth Programmes.

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Federica Bellesso

Events Executive


I moved to London 10 years ago from the north of Italy and after graduating in International Tourism and Hospitality Management I worked as a Health & Safety Advisor (logic choice!). After this experience, I decided to go back to study and specialise in International Events Management. Since then I have worked as a freelancer in weddings, gala dinners, festivals, private parties and corporate events before commencing a new adventure at The Supper Club!

Likes: Road trips, music festivals, pale ales, TED Talks.

Dislikes: Lizards, folding page corners rather than using a bookmark, discrimination, laziness.

Interesting fact: I used to be a hip hop dance teacher back home in Italy.

Ask me about: Private Dining Rooms in London, Event bookings for The Directors Club, speaker events, and Growth Programmes.


Jake Cawdery

Operations Executive


After spending four years in Nottingham, I successfully graduated with a Business degree back in 2013. With my studies behind me, I jumped straight into working life and spent just under four years working for Arsenal Football Club, whereby I managed, developed and scaled the Stadium Tour & Museum business. With a real interest in business start-ups and SMEs, I embarked on a new challenge and exciting journey with The Supper Club and I’ve not looked back since.

Likes: Good humour, football, cold beer & houmous (not mixed together).

Dislikes: Rucksacks on the tube and negative mentalities.

Interesting fact: I can imitate the sound of pouring a can of coke - using only my mouth... other than that I am pretty normal.

Speak to me about: Finance, Salesforce, ideas for events and everything in between.

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Jane Gomez


I’ve worked for and with entrepreneurial businesses for over twenty years. I joined The Supper Club in 2009 when there was just four of us! I was Operations Director, then Managing Director, particularly passionate about new innovations and supporting members planning for an exit and life after. I now chair a number of forums and workshops for the Club and the rest of my time is focussed on my business; TryTime Kids Rugby, a franchised chain of sports clubs for kids aged two to seven.

Likes: Variety, Comedy, Putting people first.

Dislikes: Apathetic people…and spitting.

Interesting fact: I played lacrosse for Wales.

Ask me about: Your plans around an exit and I'll share advice from other members who have been through the process.

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