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About Us

We’ve been bringing exceptional people together for over 15 years.

Most businesses start with a great idea and a lot of passion – what they never start with is a handbook. That's why we've created a club for founders to grow, connect and explore together.

We are anything but a run-of-the-mill networking group. As a member of The Supper Club, you have access to an extraordinary group of inspiring people. Our extensive range of events, experiences and intimate forums let our members share knowledge and challenge each other.

Together you'll grow your business, develop personally and avoid costly mistakes. Our member's businesses achieve an average growth of 34% year on year compared to the iOECDs 20% growth definition of a scale-up. Overt selling is frowned upon, however, we often see friendships in the Club that lead to business opportunities and partnerships that have transformed their businesses.

The Supper Club is more than a date in your diary, it is a community, a place to make friends, share hard-learned lessons and be inspired by other founders and CEOs. Together our team and members will be at your side throughout your business journey, from scale to sale and beyond.

Are you interested in becoming a member?